About Us


NORDWILL is a Danish company, created by a few wellness enthusiasts, determined to provide genuinely healthy, organic, and completely natural products. Our team believes in the power of essential oils and their beneficial effects on all three levels of existence - body, mind, and spirit. Therefore, we work hard and strive for continuous improvement, always seeking what is better for nature and healthier for you.



NORDWILL strives to provide the highest quality available on the market. All our products are sustainably produced, non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free and 100% pure. They do NOT contain any synthetic oils or other toxic chemicals. Our team spends countless hours of researching, testing, and finding healthier ingredients and alternatives,as well as more sustainable production methods and packaging.


We strongly believe in using renewable resources for our products. We work with materials that are environmentally friendly, as they come from plants or other inexhaustible resources. We also encourage the use of biodegradable, recycled and recyclable elements. Our initiative of planting trees aids our mission of protecting the planet.

As part of the “Miljøvenlig Pakning” initiative, we try to:
• Use minimal packaging.
• Use recyclable packaging.
• Use packaging made from recycled materials.
• Use high-quality materials to avoid extra packaging
• Use the smallest cardboard box possible
• Use the minimal amount of corrugated cardboard filler
• Print minimal amount of delivery notes and packing lists

Read more about the initiative HERE.


All prices on nordwill.com are stated in DKK and are shown incl. Danish VAT (25%). 

We can offer you to buy wholesale, whether it is for your hair salon, your spa salon, your wellness center, your massage studio or for smaller hotels. How? Just send us your contact information via email or using the contact form on the website and we will contact you immediately to tell you more about your options.

For each order, we plant a tree to offset the CO₂, produced during the shipping process.

We will consider orders that have been returned, and we will not plant trees for a returned item. In most cases, however, when the item is later repurchased, we will plant the trees.

The trees are planted in countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, Haiti, Madagascar, Indonesia, Nepal, Mozambique. There, alongside the positive environmental impact, we can also create a better socioeconomic habitat, to assist people out of extreme poverty.

We can fully understand that you look forward to receiving your order. You will, therefore, receive updates from us about your order:
You will receive an order confirmation by e-mail when you successfully place your order.
We will send you a packing confirmation when we pack and prepare your order in our warehouse. 
You will receive a shipping confirmation by e-mail when your package is on its way.

Have you changed your mind and want to return your product? You can do this free of charge within 14 days after receiving your order.

Please note the following conditions for returning a product:

We can only accept the returns when the order–if possible–is sent undamaged, in the original packaging or a sturdy shipping box. For products that are damaged or show signs of use, we keep the right to refuse the return or to charge for the damage.

Our General Terms and Conditions, which you can find here, apply to the products delivered to you. Does the product meet the return conditions? If yes, use the “Contact us” form on the website.

Is there something unclear? Contact our customer service. They will be happy to assist you further!

After submitting the return form, you will receive the return address and a unique ticket number with which to return your order to us.

Please note that if you want to return an order that has come with a bonus/gift item, and  the total amount of the non-returned order falls below the minimum amount to receive the gift, you no longer meet the conditions to keep the gift supplied and it must then also be returned.

– Always request proof of shipping with your return.
– Open the shipping box and original packaging carefully, so you can reuse them to return the order if necessary (our shipping boxes are resealable).